LCD Program

The LCD (Low Calorie Diet) Solution: 15 Or Less!

The LCD is great for the person who is planning to lose weight prior to a vacation, holiday, wedding, or any important event.

As with all of our weight loss solutions, you will receive individualized attention and support that is specific to your medical and lifestyle dietary needs. We will try to teach you the proper nutrition to lose weight and maintain your weight loss.* Many of our clients have said that these weekly visits are a major factor in their long-term success.*


  • 1
  • Initial Evaluation

  • • Thorough overview of diet
  • • Purchase of protein supplements and vitamins
  • • You will receive your LCD program and guidelines
  • 2
  • Weight Loss Phase

  • • Begin moderate weight loss*
  • • Weekly one-on-one office visits with the nutrition specialist
  • • Weekly health/progress evaluations
  • • Weekly body composition analysis
  • 3
  • Transition

  • • Additional food is progressively added back into the diet

  • • Introduce mild exercise regimen

  • • Weight loss continues in smaller increments*

  • • Body exits metabolic state of ketosis

  • • Prescription appetite suppressant available upon request

  • 4
  • Maintenance

  • • Implement structured diet plan

  • • Introduce a wider variety of protein supplements

  • • Design personalized exercise regimen

  • • Monthly one-on-one visits with the nutrition specialist

  • • Begin enjoying your new healthier lifestyle*

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